Year 5 Weekly Update – 23/04/21

Dear Parents,
The children seem to have enjoyed the start of our new topic, entitled ‘Off with her head!’. Following a brief reenactment of the Battle of Bosworth on Monday, the children created sweet ‘marchepane’ treats in the style of the Tudor Rose, before hearing a message from Queen Elizabeth I.
We have researched the life and times of King Henry VIII, in order to establish what kind of a man he was. This is in preparation for writing biographies about him next week in our English lessons.
The children have also been learning a variety of exciting sentence structures. Ask your child if they can explain any of them to you! (Hint: NOUN, who/ which/ where sentences; Outside. (Inside) sentences; Adjective, same Adjective sentences; The more, the more sentences; Short sentences; If, if, if, then  sentences)
Next week, in English, we will be writing biographies.
In Maths, we will start a new unit on decimals and percentages.
In RE, we will continue to learn about life in the Risen Jesus.
In PSHE/RHE we will be learning about pressure and the impact it can have on friendships.
The spellings to learn this week have come from the year 5/6 statutory spelling list. I have attached a copy of the full list for you to keep at home. The words for this week are:
  1. determined
  2. develop
  3. dictionary
  4. disastrous
  5. embarrass
  6. environment
  7. equip
  8. equipped
  9. equipment
  10. especially
We are delighted that so many children know their times tables with rapid recall now. It makes such a difference to a child’s ability to access the math’s curriculum when they know their tables. Please continue to support your child to learn and practise their tables and associated division facts, using any means, such as online games or apps, or Purple Mash, times tables songs, skills books etc.
Children should be reading an age-appropriate book every day for 20 minutes. When your child finishes a book at home, please encourage them to come and tell their teacher about it so that they can put a mark on their tracker grid for the Bronze, Silver and Gold book challenge.
Wishing you all a relaxing weekend,
The Year 5 Team