Year 6 Weekly Update – 01/04/21

Dear parents/carers,
We have finally made it to the end of term and we know the children are looking forward to having an enjoyable break. Here is the learning for the first week back of the summer term.
English: A Child’s War: Learn about evacuees during the war and then then write in role as an evacuee during WW2.
Maths: Understanding percentages. Fractions to percentages, finding equivalents between fractions, decimals and percentages and ordering fractions, decimals and percentages.
PE: CT: Dance  Mr Reilly: Orienteering and outdoor activities.
PSHE: Drug/medicine education- be able to describe effects and risks, understand consequences of drug use and know where to go for help.
RE: The work of the Apostles: To know and reflect on our calling to be disciples of Jesus and to know that the Apostles were people with strengths and weaknesses just like us.
Spellings: Words ending ent, ence, ency: frequent, preference, confident, dependent, residency, convenience, innocent, patient, consistency, sufficient, resilience, interference.
The Year 6’s will be taking part in an interactive and virtual workshop on Friday 23rd April which will focus on safe and responsible travel around public transport. We will also discuss strategies on how to be safe in general.
We hope that you all have a lovely Easter break.
Kind regards,
Year 6 Team​