Year 6 Weekly Update – 26/03/21

Dear parents/carers,
We have had another brilliant week of learning in Year 6 and all of the children have been working very hard. Please can we ask you to have a conversation with your child about behaving sensibly outside the gates before they enter the school in the morning as we have been informed of a few serious incidents involving some of our Year 6’s behaving dangerously on the roads whilst they wait to be let in. Please can you also ensure that your child does not bring any balls into school to play with.
The learning for next week is:
English: Researching and creating a timeline about Polar exploration.
Maths: Converting fractions to decimals.
Science: Iceberg experiment to test how the melting rate is affected by different variables.
RE: Learning to understand and reflect on what the resurrection of Jesus means for us.
PE: CT: Gymnastics    Mr Reilly: Athletics
PSHE: Discussing the issue of consent and bodily autonomy to equip children with the ability and confidence to say no. We will engage with films, roleplay and discussion activities.
Spellings: root words and their meaning: dictionary, description, chronological, report, transport, attract, structure, indestructible, distract, predict, manufacture, cyclone.
Thank you for your continued support,
Year 6 Team​