Year 3 Weekly Update – 26/03/21

Dear parents,

This week in year 3 in our literacy/topic lesson we have begun reading the text of the Iron Man. The children have been making predictions about what would happen next and have been talking about the character’s feelings in the story. They have been portraying these through the use of drama. Later on this week, we will be learning to use adverbs at the beginning of our sentences about the Iron Man text.

In our Maths lessons the children will be using their knowledge of the value of each coin and note and what these values represent. They will explore the concept of money being represented in different ways but still having the same value. The children will add coin values together to find the total amount. The children will then move onto converting between pounds and pence using their knowledge of £1 being equal to 100 pence. They will group 100 pennies into pounds when counting money and will apply their place value knowledge and use their number bonds to 100 to support their understanding of this. Later in the week, the children will be adding two amounts of money using pictorial representations to support them. They will be encouraged to add the pounds first and then the pence. They will then exchange the pence for pounds to complete their calculations.

In our science lessons, we have begun a new topic of rocks. The children have been looking at a variety of different types of rocks and have been learning how these can be classified into natural or human-made. We have also talked about how natural rocks can be classified further into igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rocks.

During our RE lessons, the children will be given an opportunity to reflect on and understand the importance of the Readings at Mass and how we listen to God’s Word. They will be making links between the story of the Centurion’s Servant and beliefs and sharing some tips to help with listening to God’s Word.

In our spellings we have been looking at the endings ‘ough’ and ‘tion’. For spellings this week, please help your child to learn the following spellings:









Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Whyatt and Mrs. Fraser