Year 2 Weekly Update – 26/03/21

Dear parents,

The children have been busy this week and have thoroughly enjoyed planting their broad beans in school. Majority of them have started to germinate and Year 2 are very excited! Below you will find your child’s learning for next week and home learning. Please note this is the last week of home learning as there will not be any over the Easter Holidays.

English: Next week the children will be learning to write for different purposes. They will be writing a diary entry from the view point of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk and instruction writing for their plants.

Maths: Year 2 are continuing with fraction they will be learning about half, quarters and thirds. Please see the math games in the home learning section to support your child at home.

RE: The children will continue to learn the Easter story and create their very own Easter cards.

RHE: We are learning that God loves everyone and that we are all special in our ways.

Home Learning

Spelling focus: ‘s’ sound spelt as ‘c’ before e, i and y

  1. race
  2. ice
  3. cell
  4. city
  5. fancy
  6. slice
  7. price
  8. cycle

Useful resource: Word list activities: /s/ sound spelt c before e,i, and y (

Please continue to revise Phonics using PhonicsPlay and Phonics Games for the Classroom and Home – Phonics Bloom

Maths: Tasks are set on purple mash for your child to complete. Alongside this your child can also play the following games.​

Hit the Button – Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds (

IXL – Halves, thirds and quarters (Year 2 maths practice)

IXL – Simple fractions: what fraction does the shape show? (Year 2 maths practice)

Challenge: IXL – Fractions: word problems (Year 2 maths practice)

IXL – Fractions of a whole: word problems (Year 2 maths practice)

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Kind Regards,

Miss Hunt & Miss Fielden