Year 6 Weekly Update – 19/03/21

Dear parents/carers,
We have had a fantastic few weeks back and the children we have really enjoyed being back in the classroom. The learning for next week is:
Writing a letter in role as an animal in the polar region who is experiencing global warming.
Using division to solve problems, changing decimals to fractions
Jesus’ miracles and what this means for us. To understand why Jesus washed the disciples feet and reflect on the meaning this has for us
Describing how living things are classified into broad groups
Comparing the similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctica (focus on people, animals and weather)
Under pressure- learning what pressure is and how to resist it.
Words ending ant, ance and ancy.
tolerant, distant, inheritance, guidance, appearance, instance, hesitant, acceptance, dominant, resistance, circumstance, balance.
We have continued to have regular discussions with our classes about staying safe online and speaking out to a trusted adult if the feel unsafe. We have watched the NSPCC class assembly and discussed the importance of ‘Speaking out and Staying Safe’. We recapped how to sign the childline number and we discussed how to stay safe on the different apps the children may use. Please continue to closely monitor your child’s online activity.
Remember, tomorrow we are celebrating Comic Relief, your child can wear one piece of red clothing alongside their normal school uniform.
Kind regards,
Year 6 Team​