Year 5 Weekly Update – 11/12/20

Dear Parents,
This week the children have been learning about the Peasants’ revolt and have drawn ideas from Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech in order to write their own speech as Wat Tyler leading the peasants’ revolt. The children haven’t written much of their speeches yet but what they have written sounds very inspiring indeed!
Here is an overview of next week’s learning:
Maths – we will continue with area and perimeter
English – we will finish our persuasive speeches, using a range of persuasive techniques
RE – we have finished our unit on Covenants so will continue with daily worship next week
Medieval books
We will be making our medieval books next week. If you have saved up any special ribbons or jewels, please send them in to school with your child next week for the DT project.
Final day of school
We will finish school early on Friday. If your child is an independent traveler, and you wish for them to travel independently home on Friday, please send in a new permission slip. The current permission that we have on record is for usual school hours, whereas due to the early finish we would need a separate slip.
The spelling’s that we have been studying this week all have the apostrophe to mark contraction. The words to learn/revise at home are:
  1. should’ve
  2. won’t
  3. you’re
  4. wouldn’t
  5. she’s
  6. couldn’t
  7. he’d
  8. they’d
  9. they’re
  10. you’ll
Times tables:
We assess the children on their times tables on a weekly basis and support the children as regularly as we can in school. As times tables should have been learnt off by heart by the end of year 4, we have little time to devote to learning them whilst also covering the year 5 maths curriculum.
The best way for children to learn is through short daily practise sessions at home.
When children know their tables off by heart, they immediately feel more confident and find accessing other areas of the curriculum less daunting. After Christmas, we will be starting a unit on fractions, which relies on children being able to use times tables and associated division facts to help with calculations. If your child doesn’t know their tables yet, please help them to learn over the holidays as it will stand them in great stead for their return to school in January.
Silent night
Filming couldn’t happen on Monday, so we will be filming a sign language performance of Silent night again this coming Monday. Children know the actions, but some final rehearsal time at home would be great before filming!
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend
The Year 5 team