Year 1 Weekly Update – 11/12/20

RE: We have been so excited to create our own Advent Wreaths in class. They have taken pride of place on our Prayer Tables.

Next week, we will continue to discuss the story of the Birth of Jesus. We will use active story telling, small world props and pictures to recognise and to help us retell this special story in our own words. We will have a go at using our ‘high fives’ to recognise key events from this story and use our learning partners to help compose sentences orally before attempting to writing them.

Writing:  We will be planning and writing our own fantasy stories about a rescue carried out by a new hero. We will share ideas about who needs rescuing, where the rescue takes place and what happens.
Phonics: We are in our third week of following Phase 4 and working our way through the different aspects.

The objective of Phase 4 is to consolidate the sounds that they have learnt from Reception to date and study adjacent consonants which are consonant blends and consonant clusters (e.g. ‘nt’ in tent).By the end of Phase 4 children should be able to read and write confidently consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, CVCC/CCVC words and some CCVCC words as well as read some multisyllabic words by using a chunking method (splitting words up into manageable chunks) and spell them out.

What can I do at home?

The most important thing to remember is to make whatever activities you do with your child fun, engaging and as hands-on as possible – you don’t need to sit at a table and complete worksheets to learn.

In Phase 4 you will find that there are plenty of worksheet-based activities available online that you can complete but the more engaging it can be the more effective the learning is that takes place. Play games that you may have at home for educational purposes, use online resources. Websites that you may like to use are listed below:

Phonics Play:

Obb and Bob, Buried Treasure and Picnic on Pluto are some examples of the games on this site that are really good for practicing reading REAL and ALIEN (fake) words.

Phonics Bloom:

Topmarks: this website puts up its own phonics games as well as links to other websites that they recommend, some of which are listed within the list –

We have attached some Phonics resources that we hope you find useful. These are alphabet and Phonics mats from Phase 2 to Phase 5. We have also included a Phase 4 activity. The children are encouraged to access and use these Phonics resources independently in class to aid their writing, especially when they are spelling new words.

When we come back in January, we will begin our teaching and learning of Phase 5 Phonics. Please find a Phase 5 phonics mat attached to see the new graphemes and alternative pronunciations we will be learning from January!

In addition, please take a look at the ways in which we teach letter sounds to our children. It is a very common mistake that parents and caregivers teach children the letter names and capital letters, when in fact it must be the letter sounds and lowercase letters.

The pronunciation is also an extremely common error, with many children also adding an -uh sound onto lots of letter sounds.

We thought it might be helpful to share a You Tube video clip demonstrating the pronunciation of letters. Take a look… some of the sounds may surprise you!

Maths: We are consolidating our learning on place value, numbers bonds to 10 and shapes (2D and 3D).

What can I do at home?
Year 1 children love the Topmarks maths games.  Following the links below to  play some fun and educational games.
You can follow the link below for some fun games with some festive cheer:
Gentle Reminder: Maths home learning goes live every Friday morning. Please make sure to log in for your child to complete their Home Learning. 
* We have loved reading through all and listening to the children’s comments on Purple Mash Maths Homelearning. Thank you parents for this lovely feedback. 
RHE:  We will be talking about our feelings, likes and dislikes.  Children will watch the story of Super Susie and discuss her feelings. Children will understand and articulate their own feelings and how other people’s feelings might differ from theirs
PSHE: We will ​be talking about the importance of E-Safety. We will discuss how we can use the computers in our classroom and electronic devices at home. We will discuss how we stay safe online, what information we can share and who to talk if we encounter any problems.
Christmas Advent Calendar games:  Follow the link below to count down to Christmas with your child with a different fun activity every day!