Year 4 Weekly Update – 04/12/20

Dear Parents,
We have had another busy week.
Spellings using the suffixes ‘ed’ ‘ing’ ‘en’ ‘er’
Times tables: Please practise the 9xtables
Literacy:  Having read and watched Shakespeare’s Macbeth, year 4 are developing their descriptive language skills and building their vocabulary to write a poem on the subject of Act 1 Scene 1 – the witches.  We are using powerful vocabulary, alliteration, personification and simile to describe the witches, the storm upon the heath and their terrible spells.
Maths: Now that we have worked very hard consolidating and extending our time on column method subtraction, next week we will be going to look at length and perimeter of rectilinear shapes.
RE: This week, we looked at how Joseph had to trust in God to fulfil his role as Jesus’ step father. We are going to learn how God fulfils His promise through the birth of Jesus.
Computing:  We have looked this week at how to debug simple algorithms using logical reasoning.  This will help us to plan to use computer programs to perform a simulation of how particles move in a liquid at different temperatures.
Science: This week the children will be looking at whether gases have mass (weight) by letting fizzy drinks go flat.  The following week we are going to mix bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to see whether we can prove that gases expand to fill a space.
Music: Having looked at examples of where music uses imitation through echoes, canon and rounds we are going to listen to see any other ways that composers structure their music.
History: Last week we explored how different historical sources from the British Museum can inform our understanding of how medicine and surgery have changed over time.  We will use historical enquiry skills to explore what we can learn from further sources like these.
Have a brilliant week!
Year 4 Team