Year 4 Weekly Update – 20/11/20

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find the learning for next week below.


For spellings, children will all learn the same set of words. Remember, if you feel your child is finding it tricky to learn the entire list, encourage them to learn the first 5. In this case, they will also only be tested on the first 5 in class.

Spellings (all children): ‘ch’ making the ‘sh’ sound:

  1. champagne
  2. chalet
  3. chef
  4. brochure
  5. parachute
  6. chute
  7. machine
  8. machinery
  9. machinist
  10. chivalry

Times tables

Please practise the 12 times tables, ready to be tested next week.


We will continue to work on subtraction before moving on to length and perimeter.


In literacy, we will write our letters about the amazing medical breakthrough – anaesthetic.


Next week, we will be focussing on how Mary trusted in God during the Annunciation.


For science, we will be observing how temperature affects the movement of particles in a liquid.


We will be researching unusual ailments in medical history.


We will move on to unit 3, session 1: What am I feeling? Children will learn to examine their feelings, to try to understand them and what causes them


We will be using Scratch to simulate the movement of particles in different states of matter.


Year 4 Team