Reading Challenge 2020/21

Due to the success of our reading challenges from last year, we have decided to launch another reading challenge for this academic year!

What is different this year?

The aim of the challenge is still to promote reading and a love of reading. However this year, children should be able to achieve 3 stickers and reward certificates by the end of the year. All they have to do is read. For every completed book, they will be able to mark a star

next to their name in their classroom chart (year 4,5,6) or tick/colour in a medal in the back of their reading record (years 1,2,3) or tick/colour in a medal in their own reading booklet (Nursery and Reception). When they reach their bronze, silver or gold milestone, they need to tell their teacher and the teacher will reward them with a badge and a certificate.

Bronze Silver Gold
Nursery reception and KS1 (Nursery and reception will include books read by child, shared reading with child and

books read to the child)

30 books 60 books 90 books
LowerKS2 20 books 40 books 60 books
Upper KS2 20 books 30 books 40 books


What do the children need to do?

Read! For Nursery and Reception, books that are read to the children also count. How is it recorded?

Exactly as last year – in KS2 there will be tracking grids up on display in the classrooms. The children will put a star on the chart every time the children finish a book. In KS1 and EYFS, the children will have a booklet with little outlined images in. Every time they finish a book, either the parent or the child can colour in/tick an image in order to keep a track of how many books they have read.

What can I read?

Fiction is best, but we also understand the value of non-fiction too, so up to half of the reading books can be non- fiction. Sadly, joke books and graphic novels will not count as part of the challenge but we do encourage children to read these for pleasure if they are interested too. For years 4,5,6, ERIC time books are included and for EYFS and years 1,2,3, books sent home from our home-school library are included too.

What can I do to support my child?

  • Read with your child at least 4 times weekly and keep up momentum with the challenge
  • Discuss the books that your child reads – what they liked about it, whether it reminded them of any other books, whether it left them with any queries or
  • Order books via ‘click and collect’ from Barnet library so that your child can have a range of books to choose from.
  • Keep your child focused on their reading challenge. The children who were most successful last year were children who were fully immersed in books from the start, and who had parents that shared a passion for reading.
  • Y 4,5,6 especially – Support your child to summarise the plot of the story in just a couple of minutes, so that they are ready with a synopsis to share with their

Time frame: October 2020 – End of term July 2021