Year 5 Weekly Update – 13/11/20

Dear Parents,
This week in year 5, the children have written, learnt and performed the most fantastic poetry. Please encourage your child to recite their poem to you at home as this will further embed their learning.
Here is an overview of our learning for next week:
Maths – we will finish our unit on statistics and start a unit on multiplication and division.
English – we will be writing diary entries. Our punctuation and sentence formation work will include the use of parenthesis.
RE – In RE we will continue to learn about Moses and the Exodus, and the covenant made between Moses and God.
PSHE/RHE – We will be learning about some of the emotional changes that children will be experiencing.
These are the spelling words to learn at home over the next week. They are taken from the year 5/6 statutory spellings lists:
We are encouraging the children to find out about how Christmas is celebrated in different ways by different families. Please talk with your child about how you used to celebrate Christmas at home when you were a child. If any different languages are spoken in your homes, please encourage your child to learn how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in that/those language(s).
Please ensure that your child reads for 20 minutes a day and learns their times tables with associated division facts.
Many thanks
The year 5 team