Year 3 – Active Maths Week

In Year 3, each child became a Detective and needed to solve a variety of clues to unlock the secret code.

Here’s how the children managed to solve the addition and subtraction problems:

  1. Each child had a number card
  2. On command, the children found a partner to make a pair.
  3. The children either:
    Added their two numbers together OR Subtracted the smallest from the biggest.
  4. Once the children had calculated the answer, they swapped number cards and went  off to find a new partner.
  5. This was repeated until the time was up.
The children really enjoyed breaking as many codes as possible within the time given!

Later in the week we created a place called the ‘Danger Island’. The children had to jot down the numbers given to them, they were then given a target number. In order to make the target number the children had to use their addition and subtraction skills. As soon as the children thought they had the correct answer they ran to the other side (Safe Island). In order to challenge the children, they had to find as many possible ways of making the target number.