Year 4 Weekly Update – 13/11/20

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your time during the parent consultation meetings, we found them very useful and hope you did too. Please find below, the information on what Year 4 will be working on next week.


For spellings, children will all learn the same set of words. This week there are 11 words as you will notice one has been repeated from last week. Remember, if you feel your child is finding it tricky to learn the entire list, encourage them to learn the first 5. In this case, they will also only be tested on the first 5 in class.

Spellings (all children):  this week we are looking at specific sounds made from more complex graphemes. The sounds are ‘ay’ and ‘u’.  

  1. They
  2. Weigh
  3. Eight
  4. Grey
  5. Sleigh
  6. Young
  7. Touch
  8. Blood
  9. Trouble
  10. Country
  11. Does


Times tables

Please practise the 7 times tables, ready to be tested next week.


We will finish our work on addition by adding two 4-digit numbers with multiple exchanges. We will then move on to subtraction of 3-digit numbers and 4-digit numbers. We will progress from no exchanges to multiple exchanges.


In literacy, we will begin looking at what surgery was like in the past and how this changed with the introduction of anaesthetic. The children will begin a sequence of learning building up to writing letters about this new medical breakthrough.


Next week, we will continue with our work on Zechariah followed by learning how Mary trusted in God during the Annunciation.


For science, we will be doing practical enquiries to test the viscosity of different liquids.


We will continue working on our winter art based on Monet’s Sandvika.


In RHE, the children will continue to look at the Sacraments and once this is completed we will move on to the work in unit 2: “We don’t have to be the same.”


We will be using Scratch to simulate the movement of particles in different states of matter.


Year 4 Team