Year 3 Weekly Update – 13/11/20

Dear parents/carers,
This week in year 3 in our literacy/topic the children are continuing to write their non-chronological reports about their predators. They will also be learning how to edit their work and peer assess each other’s work against our success criteria.
In Maths this week the children will learn to add ones to a 3-digit number, with an exchange. They will discover that when adding ones it can affect the ones column and tens column. The children will learn that we can only hold single digits in each column, anything over must be exchanged. The use of 0 e.g. 145 – 5 is important so that they know to use zero as a place holder. Just with addition, children need to have a strong understanding of place value for subtraction.In R.E this week the children will have an opportunity to know the promises made by parents and godparents at Baptism. They will be encouraged to describe some ways Christians can live out their Baptismal promises/give reasons for Christian living. Please talk to your child about who their godparents are if they have some, and why you chose them.

For home learning this week please continue to learn the 4 times table. In spellings we have been looking at the different ways of making the ‘ay’ sound. Please help your child to learn the following words:



Please also make sure to listen to your child read and sign their reading record.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Whyatt