Year 5 Weekly Update – 23/10/20

Dear Parents,
Tomorrow, we will sadly be saying goodbye and good luck to our dear friends, Mrs Carruthers and George Carruthers. We are very sad to see them go, but we know that exciting times lay ahead for them, so we wish them all the very best with their house move and school transitions. After half term, we are delighted to welcome Ms Groom to the year 5 team. Ms Groom has been here for a few years working in different year groups and she is looking forward to her new position in 5CM.
After half term, we will spend a little while finishing our Egyptian topic before moving on to our new topic entitled Peasants, Princes and Pestilence! Please ensure that your child has an old apron, oversize shirt or overall in school that week, as we will be painting our canopic jars and while we believe that the paint is washable, we would rather the children cover their uniforms before using it.
After half term, we start a new maths unit on statistics and data handling.
In RE, we will be starting our new topic on Covenants. We will learn the meaning of covenant and find out more about God’s covenant with Noah.
This week in spellings, we have been revising how we double the consonant in many spellings before applying the -ed or -ing suffix.
Words to learn over half term are:
knit, knitting, knitted
slip, slipping, slipped
stop, stopping, stopped
drum, drumming, drummed
prefer, preferring, preferred
Exceptions (words ending in -x and -w):
fix, fixed, fixing
chew, chewing, chewed
There are plenty of resources available to help children with their times tables. Please feel free to log in and use Purple Mash, as your log in details are still valid. Many of the children have times tables targets, and it would be invaluable for the children to master their tables as soon as possible.
As always, please encourage the children to read as much as possible. We expect that most children should be able to read an entire novel over the course of the week.
Wishing you all a wonderful half term
The year 5 team