Reception Weekly Update – 23/10/20

We have had a great half term. The children have settled into Reception class and new friendships have been made.

We have completed the RE topic of God’s World. This week we took turns to look inside a treasure box, inside there was a mirror and the children were encouraged to look at themselves.  We talked about how we looked and even though we may be similar to our brothers or sisters we were not the same. We celebrated our uniqueness and talked about God making us special.

In literacy we spent time in the outside area being still and listening to the sounds around us. We heard the leaves rustle in the wind, birds singing, a dog barking and people talking. We talked about the sounds and described them to each other.

In Mathematics we developed the mathematical language more, fewer and equal. We had lots of interactive sessions exploring what each word meant and how we would apply them.

The children are becoming more independent, they are hanging up their coats, putting their bags and water bottles away, selecting snacks and have become experts at handwashing.

We look forward to seeing your tapestry posts over half term.