What We Have Been Doing in French – Autumn 1 2020

Year 1

This half-term Year 1 had their first experience of French lessons! They have made an excellent start and are incredibly enthusiastic. We listened to songs on the theme of greetings and practised greeting talk partners. The children can all say, “bonjour”, “salut”, “merci”, “au revoir” and are learning to say how they are, when asked “comment ca-va?”

Next half-term French lessons will be on the theme of Parts of the Body.

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning to say, read and write the names of some animals this half term. They have been introduced to the idea that in French, nouns are either masculine or feminine. The children have watched a short French story about farm animals. This week we learned about the French composer Saint-Saens and listened to extracts from the Carnival of The Animals. They had fun guessing which animal the extracts of music represented. Why not listen to it at home over half-term with your child and see if you can link the music with the animals or draw which animal comes to mind with each piece of music? https://youtu.be/k2RPKMJmSp0

Next half-term French lessons will be on the theme of “Notre Ville- Barnet” (Our Town- Barnet).

Year 3

In Year 3 the children have been learning a range of French verbs so that they can talk about what they can do using the phrase, “Je peux….”. Their pronunciation is excellent! All children have shown that they can write a sentence about activities they can do, for example, “Je peux parler, danser, chanter et regarder,” (I can talk, dance, sing and watch).

Next half-term French lessons will be on the theme of Months, Dates and Birthdays.

Year 4

In Year 4 the children have been learning all about four  animal friends by reading along and acting out a well-known French tale called “Les Quatre Amis”. The animals work together as a team to reach “la belle pomme rouge” (the beautiful red apple) from an apple tree by standing on top of each other. The story contains many repeating phrases including “je voudrais manger” (I would like to eat) and the children are able to pronounce them correctly and say them fluently. They have had great fun making different voices for the characters!

Next half-term French lessons will be on the theme of Sports and Hobbies.

Year 5

We have been learning all about the weather in French in Year 5 this half-term. The children can answer the question “Quel temps fait-il?” (What is the weather like?) and are masters at showing different kinds of weather through mime when they hear phrases for different kinds of weather and singing a weather song. This week they have been playing “Five in a Row” with their talk partner.

In French next half-term the children will be learning the alphabet, numbers to 80 and co-ordinates.

Year 6

Year 6 have been working on the theme, “Je Me Presente” which could be translated as “Introducing Myself”. They have been practising asking and answering these questions about their name, age, nationality and where they live. In the context of nationality, we revised that in French and some other languages, adjectives must be made to “agree” with nouns- so an Italian boy is “italien” but an Italian girl is “italienne”. The children have written a short paragraph using a word bank or from memory and have made their own personal Carte d’Identité (identity card) which is an extremely important and useful document for French people.

Next half-term the theme in French lessons in Year 6 will be At the Cafe, At the Restaurant.