Year 5 Weekly Update – 16/10/20

Egyptian Day was a great success! The children were beaming from ear to ear all day long, and we even heard some of them say, ‘This is the best school day ever!’ The children made some superb canopic jars out of clay, necklaces and bracelets and belts with heiroglyphics. We hope you enjoyed collecting your mini-pharaohs at the end of the day in all their regalia!  Keep your eye out on the twitter account/website for some pictures of our day.
Here is an overview of next week’s learning:
Maths – we will be doing mental addition and subtraction, using inverse operations and revising all the learning that we have been doing for the past few weeks.
English – Finishing our mystery stories set in Ancient Egypt. So far the children have been learning to use a range of narrative techniques, such as using a variety of short and long sentences (long for description, short for action), ellipsis (…), interesting verbs (e.g. charged instead of ran) and ‘show not tell’ (e.g. Instead of saying ‘He felt angry that the door to the tomb closed behind him’, try saying ‘An odd, burning, bubbling sensation started to build up in him. In a flash, he charged at the door with clenched fists, yelling at the top of his voice.) It would be a good idea to look for examples of when authors use ‘show not tell’ when reading with your child this weekend.
RE- we will be doing an assessment of our learning about God’s creation and some of the saints that looked after His creation
PSHE/RHE – In PSHE, we will be doing a lesson each on girls’ bodies and boys’ bodies, and some of the changes that they will encounter during puberty. As you probably already know, we follow the scheme of learning provided by TenTen, which is a faith-based programme of study about relationships and health for Catholic schools.
Pupils will learn:
That human beings are different to other animals;
About the unique growth and development of humans, and the changes that girls and boys will experience during puberty (hair growth, sweating, hips/shoulders widening etc);
About the need to respect their bodies as a gift from God to be looked after well, and treated appropriately;
The need for modesty and appropriate boundaries.
Menstruation will be mentioned. This will be learnt about further later on in the year when children learn about how babies are made.
Genitals are referred to, including erections.
Children brought home their own individual spellings lists earlier this week, so we don’t have a separate list to send home. If your child was absent this week and didn’t take home a list, please see the year 3/4 spellings list attached and choose ten words from here to revise at home over the week.
Have a good weekend,
The year 5 team