Year 5 Weekly Update – 09/10/20

Dear Parents,
It has been another busy week of learning for year 5. This week our highlights have been completing the mini-marathon, reading our class book ‘The Time Travelling Cat’ and learning the importance of mummification to Ancient Egyptians. In preparation for World Mental Health day, everybody reflected individually on what makes them an amazing person, and were supported to complete an activity by their good friends.
Here is a brief overview of our learning for next week:
In Maths, we will continue our unit on written methods for addition and subtraction which will include using the inverse operation to check working out, and estimating and approximating to check an answer.
In English, we will continue our unit on mystery stories. We have been doing a lot of sentence work this week, such as expanding noun phrases with adjectives and prepositional phrases. We have also revised fronted adverbials and we will be expecting the children to be able to apply this learning to their writing.
In RE, the children will be learning to create their own collective worships.
In PSHE, we will be doing several sessions on the emotional aspect of puberty including tiredness and mood changes.
On Friday, we will be hosting an Egyptian Day for the children. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the British Museum for our topic, however we thought we would aim to create a fun and immersive experience in school with a focus on Art and DT for the day. On the day, we will be creating canopic jars and designing clothing and jewellery. We will be creating costumes in the morning to wear throughout the day. To make these, please send your child in to school with a large plain white t shirt/shirt or a plain pillowcase. In order to for us to purchase the other resources needed (clay and further materials) we are requesting a very nominal contribution from parents to cover costs (it will be somewhere between £1 and £2). The cost will appear on your parent pay this week. Please do not send any cash into school. We assure you that all money will go to supporting your children with their learning.
In spellings this week, we have been learning about homophones; how to use them correctly and spell them correctly for context. The words to learn at home this week are: their, they’re, there, aisle, isle, allowed, aloud, herd, heard, your, you’re.
Please continue times table revision so that your child can answer times tables with rapid recall and also please encourage your child to read daily for 20 minutes.
Thank you in advance
The year 5 team