Year 5 Weekly Update – 02/10/20

Dear Parents,
This week, the children have written some fantastic newspaper reports about the discovery of Tutankahmun’s tomb!
Below is an overview of what we will be learning next week:
-In Maths, we will be learning column addition and subtracting with at least 3 digit numbers and at least one exchange
-In English, we will be starting a unit on Mystery Stories
– In RE, we will be reflecting on the importance of our own gifts from God and how we can use them to serve Him
– In PSHE/RSE, we will be doing a lesson called ‘Spots and Sleep’ in which we will be learning some of the different ways that we need to look after our bodies, in order to be the best version of ourselves, such as getting a good nights sleep.
We understand that previously there has been a group 1 and a group 2 spelling list. This year we will include one set of spellings in the weekly email and the children will have had 3 lessons on these spellings during the week. Please be assured that we constantly monitor how the children are doing in their weekly spellings, and assess spellings in their written work, and will change and adapt our spelling scheme to meet the needs of the children throughout the year.
In our spellings lessons this week, we have been looking at words with -ible and -able endings. The children have had several lessons on these spellings. The words to learn at home this week are:
Horrible, adorable, terrible, forgivable, possible, disposable, edible, enjoyable, reversible, valuable. (Children may mention that one of the the sheets they were given in school had a spelling error on the word forgivable – there is no ‘e’ in the correct spelling)
Please continue to read with your child every day and do daily times table practise.
The following websites are great for online practise with times tables:
Purple Mash
If you wish to print off worksheets of times tables, there are plenty on twinkl and mathsalamander.
Wishing you all a great weekend,
The year 5 team