Year 6 Weekly Update – 02/10/20

Dear parents/carers,
We have had another fantastic week of learning in Year 6, the children have enjoyed making their periscopes in Science and investigating numbers up to 10 million in Maths. The learning for next week is:
Maths: Consolidating their knowledge of addition and subtraction.
English: Writing in role as Stanley, generating vocabulary and character comparisons.
RE: Learning that Jesus’ miracles reflected the beginning of the kingdom and show us what God is like.
Science: Investigate how refraction changes the direction in which light travels.
History: Mayan civilisation and cities of ancient Maya.
PSHE: World Mental Health Day- designing a poster explaining what people can do to keep their minds healthy.
PE: CT- Tennis   Mr Reilly- Dance
Spellings: Adding the suffix -fer
offering, referee, preferred, transferring, inferred, preference, conference, transferred, referred, conferred
Although the children to do not have direct access to the library, we have ensured that the class library offers a range of books. We are encouraging our class to take their book home to read and we would appreciate your support in ensuring that your child is reading at home regularly. They are able to take a book home from the class library to read, once they have finished, they must return the book to their class library for a new book. We have noticed from our weekly ‘Times Tables Championships’ that many of the children would greatly benefit from continuing to practise their times tables up to 12 at home on a daily basis. Please continue to support us with this at home.

Fr. John will be beginning meditation sessions with the Y6 children. They will take place in the hall in groups of 6 and we will work our way through both classes to ensure every child participates in a session.
Kind regards,
Year 6 Team  ​