Year 4 Weekly Update – 25/09/20

Dear Parents,
Home learning for this week will be:
Group 1 – the prefix ‘in-‘
Group 2 ‘ea’ sounding ee
Times tables
Continue practising 3 times tables which we will test next week.  In preparation for us revisiting directly teaching the 4 times tables next week you could also start looking at those too.
Our Learning and the week ahead
Having sequenced the story of Boudicca’s revolt against Nero, the children have learned a variety of time adverbial sentence openers to give specificity of time and to create links/continuity between and in a sentence.  We will be using this technique next week to write an extended piece of historical narrative retelling the events of the revolt.
The children have focused on rounding both to 10 and 100 this week.  Going forward we will be looking at the place value of numbers to 10,000 and counting in 1000s.  It would be a good opportunity to look at reading and saying as words four digit numbers at home – this is something we have noticed may be an emerging gap in some children’s understanding.
We have looked at the message of trust that God communicates to us through the scripture and the life of Abraham.  Next week we will explore similar ideas in the story of Joseph.
As well as having looked at Story 2 in Unit 1 of Kester’s adventures, ‘Designed for a purpose’, we are going onto Story 3 next week.  In our learning next week, we are also looking at risks in our locality and how to keep ourselves and others safe.  This will be relevant and taught in context of our journey to swimming.
We have learned a rhythm song using body percussion and clapping.  We will be using this as a starting point for exploring how rhythm can be written down and notated. The children have also been imagining what the opening to a very famous piece of ballet music from 1913 might be trying to depict.
We will design and plan our roman mosaics on Friday.  In preparation for making them next week, we would like you to bring a piece of card board large enough to cut a 15cm2 square by Wednesday next week.  It must relatively strong (corrugated) packing cardboard (not card or cereal boxes) to support the weight of glue and beans.  In addition, if you can send in any dried beans e.g. red kidney beans, white cannellini beans, black turtle beans, brown bortelloti beans etc. these will be really helpful for constructing the design.  The larger beans work better although a small amount of lentils also work well.   This link gives you a good indication of how we will approach making them:
Have a good week
Year 4 Team