Year 5 Weekly Update – 18/09/20

Dear Parents,
We have had another brilliant week at school. We have finished our book topic on ‘Here We Are: Notes for living on planet Earth’. Last week, we reflected on the places and people that are special to us. This week, we explored the sea and the sky. The children have written scripts in the style of Sir David Attenborough to accompany a clip of a great white shark, we wrote class poems about the night sky and also painted water colour pictures of a textured daytime sky. They are now adorning our display boards and look fantastic!
We are looking forward to starting our topic called ‘Pharaohs’ about the Ancient Egyptians next week. Our book link will be the Time Travelling Cat.
In Maths, we will continue our unit on place value by ordering and comparing numbers to a million, rounding and negative numbers.
In RE, we will continue to look at the creation stories from the Bible and reflect on what they mean to us.
The spellings to learn over the weekend all have -ough in them, although the -ough will make a different sound depending on the word. The words are:
Rough, though, trough, dough, cough, through, tough, although, enough and doughnut.
It’s crucial that the children know all their times tables, with rapid recall, in order to help them access the challenging year 5 curriculum. There are plenty of games on Purple Mash that you can still access, as well as brilliant websites such as and Top Marks that will help children learn these, as well as the associated division facts.
Please ensure that your child reads for at least 20 minutes every day. Even children in year 5 need to be read with and to on a regular basis in order to support their word recognition, fluency and comprehension.
Enjoy your weekends everybody.
Kind regards,
Mrs Mc Donagh, Mrs Carruthers and Miss Coy
The year 5 team