Year 4 – Weekly Update

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

Dear Parents,

Group 1 Spellings

  1. information
  2. adoration
  3. sensation
  4. preparation
  5. education
  6. location
  7. exaggeration
  8. concentration
  9. imagination
  10. organisation

Group 2 Spellings 

  1. an
  2. as
  3. at
  4. off
  5. on
  6. can
  7. had
  8. back
  9. get
  10. big
  11. him
  12. not
  13. got
  14. up
  15. but
  16. go
  17. into

Times Tables

Group 1

Focus on 2’s, 4’s, 6’s, 8’s

Group 2

Revise 3’s and 4’s. Focus on 6 times tables.

Literacy: We have been reading a formal and persuasive letter to the Environment Secretary, George Eustice, explain some of the current risks to the environment including: plastic pollution, agriculture and electronic waste.

Maths: The children have been using bar diagrams and calculations to find equivalent fractions.

RE: The children have been learning about holy week, sequencing the events from Holy Thursday, The Last Supper and Easter Sunday.

PSHE: We have been learning to know that we are made different to one another and that God loves us in our differences: physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual differences.  We will be following this unit of learning up until half term.

Science:  In science we have been making classification keys that categorise groups in the different types of vertebrates.  We will be looking to find and classify different types of invertebrates in our local environment.

PE: We have been learning about how to pass sideways or backwards in tag rugby.

Art: The children converted their observational line drawings from A5 to A4 and then used oil pastel to give colour and texture.


Y4 Team