Nursery – Weekly Update

We have been so busy for science week! We loved dressing up on Monday and it was fantastic to see so many wonderful costumes! The children really enjoyed dressing up and were all confidently talking about their outfits.

We read the story ‘All Are Welcome’ and talked about how diverse our class is. We found out that we have different families, speak different languages, we all look different, and we all have special talents. We’ve talked lots about being different, and we know that it is what makes planet earth such a special place.

We collected data about how diverse our class is, and we made pictographs about the different eye and hair colours in our class. We enjoyed finding out colour eyes and hair the most people had and the least.

We had a visit from a nurse, who showed us how quickly germs can spread and she taught us how to wash our hands really well. We also had a visit from an engineer who taught us lots about parachutes and ejector seats.

We have also enjoyed watching our daffodils being to bloom in the garden. We have explored them using our senses and we used magnifying glasses to look closely at them. We were also inspired to do some new planting, and we planted some posies, cress, broad beans, coriander and onions! We are already looking forward to them growing, and we have watered them every day!​