Year 4 Weekly Update

Group 1 Spellings

Homophones and near Homophones

  1. cereal
  2. serial
  3. check
  4. cheque
  5. through
  6. threw
  7. draft
  8. draught
  9. stares
  10. stairs

Group 2 Spellings

16 most frequently occurring words (these may be secure although check your child can correctly use them in the context of a sentence) 

  1. a
  2. and
  3. he
  4. in
  5. I
  6. is
  7. it
  8. my
  9. of
  10. that
  11. the
  12. then
  13. to
  14. was
  15. went
  16. with

Times Tables

We are beginning weekly speed tests on all the multiplication tables to x12.  The speed element using a computer to answer the questions is proving very challenging.  Please use the multiplication checker on and speed  check for individual tables to help develop your child’s speed recall.

Group 2

Consolidate all the 3 and 4 times tables up to x12.

Literacy: We have been learning to use poetic techniques such as simile, alliteration and repetition to help structure the stanza’s in a poem.  The children have given emotive reflections on plastic pollution in the oceans.

Maths:  After consolidating our learning of division, the children have been investigating area by counting squares and looking at rectilinear shapes.

RE: We have looked at the meaning of Ash Wednesday after our visit to St Peter’s for Mass last week.  Following from this we shall be looking at the events of Holy Week beginning from Palm Sunday.

Science: Our focus is on biology this term.  As such we have been looking at the importance of classification as a scientific skill. We have looked at the definition of living things by what process all living things do ie. Movement, Respiration, Sensing, Growing, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition (MRS GREN). We have also created classification keys for the five different categories of vertebrate animals: birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles.

Art: The children have been exploring observational drawing only using line and pencil.

Have a great a week.

Y4 Team