Winter Art Displays

Every class produced a display of art work related to the theme ‘winter art.’ The work has been on display through out the corridors over the past half term.

The Nursery class looked at the painting ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh and decided to paint their own Starry nights. The children explored mixing different media together. They painted on foil using different shades of blue paint and shaving foam. The children used their hands instead of brushes. Marbling inks were used for the skies and the children tore up paper to make buildings.

Reception class looked at various collages by Henri Matisse. The children created a group collage in the style of Matisse. Hands, feet and a variety of objects were drawn around and cut out. The class talked about what colours made them feel cold and selected them for their work.

Year 1 observed paintings of parks and forests during winter, in particular the work of Leonid Afremov .The classes created their own work using cool colours and tones.  They applied a variety of skills to get their desired effect. Some children evaluated their work and thought about what they liked about it, as well as what they could do next time to make it even better.

Year 2 have been learning about their senses through the poem ‘winter eyes’ by Douglas Florian. The children took inspiration from this poem which helped them to produce their own interpretation of winter art.

Year 3 have been investigating how to create different tones of one colour, by gradually mixing in white. The classes have also been looking at how to create different layers in a picture.

Year 4 looked at work by the artist Monet. They looked at the way Monet created different texture effects in his compositions by layering paint in different colours and using a variety of brush stroke techniques.

Year 5 produced a range of work by printing. The children made a winter themed design gluing string to card board. Paint was added to the string then applied to paper to create a print.

Year 6 looked at artwork by the artist Rachel Bingman. Using her work to inspire them, the children created their own winter art. They used a range of mediums such as oil pastels, graphite pencils and charcoal to draw their finished piece.