Year 4 Weekly Update

Dear Parents

Group 1 Spellings

  1. interest
  2. experiment
  3. potatoes
  4. favourite
  5. imagine
  6. material
  7. promise
  8. opposite
  9. minute
  10. increase

Group 2 Spellings

  1. through
  2. threw
  3. right
  4. write
  5. rite
  6. peace
  7. piece

Times tables

Group 1

11’s and 12’s times tables (12s up to 12×6)

Group 2 

Look at the 4s up to 4×6

Literacy:  This week we have learned to construct similes that make relevant comparisons to enhance descriptive meaning for an atmospheric scene setting.

Maths: The children have been learning to use a systematic method – factor trees and bugs – to identify the different factors and factor pairs.

RE: We have learned about the baptism of Jesus and how John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus’ arrival.

History: Year 4 have constructed a timeline of the life and reign of King Alfred the Great.  We discussed how the viking invasions at the time made this a crucial turning point in the history of England. We have also looked at Viking and Anglo-Saxon pagan beliefs looking at their similarities and differences.

Music: We are continuing to compose using the minor pentatonic scale.

PHSE: We are continuing with the next of Kester’s videos.

Have a good a week!

Y4 Team