Year 3 Weekly Update

This week in literacy/topic the children have been focussing on using interesting adjectives and verbs in their diary entries. They will also be coming up with ideas to write their own Greek myth. In Maths the children have begun our new topic of money, by looking at how to make different amounts. This week we will also be learning how to convert between pounds and pence and how to add money together. In R.E. this week we will learning about the importance of forgiveness. On Friday we will be celebrating number day and would really appreciate you to send in any educational games that your child could play in class with their friends. Please refer to the letter previously sent from Miss Pavlou for more details.

In spellings we will be looking at the prefixes ‘sub’ and ‘tele’ and how they change the meaning of the root word. Please help your child to learn the following words:








Please also help your child to continue to learn the 8 times table and don’t forget to read with your child and sign their reading record.

Thank you for your support.