Year 4 Weekly Update


Group 1

  • though
  • although
  • dough
  • through
  • breakthrough
  • thought
  • bought
  • fought
  • ought

Group 2

  • two
  • to
  • too
  • red
  • read

Times Tables

Group 1 – Please focus on the 7’s and 11’s

Group 2 – look at 3’s 1×3 up to 12×3

For fun daily practice follow this link:

Literacy: The children have written thoughtful arguments  about whether King Arthur was real or myth.  They used adverbs to create links between sentences using: however, therefore, moreover, furthermore.

Maths: We are powering through the times  tables at the moment and the children are exploring the multiplication and division facts for the 11 and 12’s.

Computing: We will be making an Anglo Saxons quiz game.

Music: The children will be composing using a minor pentatonic scale.

RE: We will be exploring the story of Jesus in the temple.

Geography: Using place names to identify Saxon settlements.

Y4 Team