Year 2 Weekly Update

The children have been describing equal groups using stem sentences to support them. It was an important step for the children to know which groups were equal and which were unequal. The addition or multiplication symbol was not used within this small step but this language supported them in understanding repeated addition and multiplication.
In our next lesson, the children started to make equal groups to demonstrate their understanding of the new language. Within this step, the multiplication symbol was introduced for the first time. The children linked the stem sentences, repeated addition and multiplication together. They began to also interpret mathematical stories and create their own.  The use of concrete resources and pictorial representations was vital for understanding.
Once the children could describe and make equal groups, they then started relating equal groups to repeated addition. The symbol and language of lots of was used interchangeably.​
In our lessons, we have been reading and discussing the bible story: The Ten People with Leprosy (Luke 17:11-19). The children have been reflecting on the importance of thanking Jesus for his help through drama activities.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Rapunzel this week and have been acting out different parts of the story to support their writing.

This week’s focus has been to retell parts of the story using correct grammar and adventurous vocabulary.