Nursery Weekly Updates

In phonics we have been exploring rhymes. We have been distinguishing between different words and continuing rhyming strings. We have listened to some of our favourite rhyming stories, such as The Gruffalo, Room On The Broom and Some Dogs Do.  We gave each other silly rhyming names, and created our own silly rhymes such as Hickory Dickory Sock, and The Grand Old Due of Fork. The children have enjoyed creating their own silly rhymes, and I’m sure they would love to tell you some at home.

In maths we been learning about the composition of numbers 1-5, and we have continued partitioning a whole number into parts. We looked at how the number four can be partitioned into 2 and 2; and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1. When we partitioned four in half, it prompted us to start talking about ‘pairs’. We looked around the classroom for all the things that we could find that came in a pair, such as our eyes, shoes, socks and gloves.

In RE we have been learning about how people knew that Jesus was special. We listened to the story of Jesus curing the paralyzed man, and we took it in turns to act it out. We are still thinking and talking a lot about how we can show our love for Jesus when we are at Nursery.

We have been retelling Handa’s Surprise, and talking about what makes where Handa lives different to Barnet. We began to look at Kente cloth, and we have been printing our own shape patterns on the art table inspired by this. We wrote our own Handa stories, where we had to change the ending. We had to really use our imaginations to think of different ways we could end the story. ​