Year 5 Weekly Update

It has been another busy week of exciting learning in year 5!

In maths, the children have continued learning to multiply using short multiplication, and they are now able to multiply 4 digits by 2 digits using this method

In English, the children have been preparing for writing their own introduction to a fantasy narrative. We are looking forward to reading what they write in next weeks lessons

In RE, the children have continued to learn what it means to be a good disciple by looking at, and learning from, the example of St Damien de Veuster, who devoted his life to looking after people with leprosy.

In PSHE we have watched the first two videos of Kester, a boy who is experiencing emotional changes as he grows up. (from the Ten Ten website)

In Geography, we learnt how to give 6 figure grid references using Ordnance Survey maps and in science the children learnt how to separate mixtures of materials through filtration, sieving and magnetism.

As our topic is called ‘Alchemy Island’ it seemed only fitting that we should go on our own quest to see some magical science, and therefore we are delighted to share with you that we have arranged a trip to the Science Museum for 11th February. Please see the attached letter for more details and return your permission slips to the office or to the class teacher.

The spellings to learn at home this week are all ones that have a tricky grapheme-phoneme correspondence. (They look different to the sound we say!)

The words are:

  • vehicle
  • yacht
  • guarantee
  • bruise
  • immediately
  • definitely
  • February
  • mischievous

Have a wonderful weekend

from the Year 5 team