Year 4 Weekly Update

Dear Parents,

Please see below for this week’s home learning.


Group 1











Group 2 – ough for the sound ‘uff’ ‘off’







Group 1 – please continue to practise 6 and 9s. Focus on rapid recall and speed.  Aim to have the response within 5 seconds.  Use: for games, drills and speed test in practice. 

Group 2 – 10’s and 2’s up to 12

Literacy – We are writing a historical narrative this week retelling the first landing of the Anglo Saxons in Britain.  The children will be using time adverbial phrases to give specific detail and link ideas across sentences for cohesion.  Please think about exploring punctuation for direct speech at home. 

Maths – After exploring multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 0 and 1, the children will move onto learning multiplication and division facts for the 6 times table. 

RE – Year 4 are learning about the presentation of Jesus at the temple when he was a baby.  We are writing a letter in role as Simeon who recognised him as the Messiah.

History – The children have explored what we think Anglo-Saxon villages and homes were like.  Through research and discussion we have looked at the jobs and roles people had in Saxon society, presenting our findings in a Powerpoint slide show. 

DT – The children have designed Saxon boats and are now going to explore model making involving nets so that they can design a 3-d representation of a Saxon village. 

Music – Having learned notes in the left hand, we are learning a new song that makes use of the right hand and the low E.  We used this to explore the contrast between songs in major and minor keys.  The children sang the different scales using Sol-Fa and hand signs to represent the pitch. 

PSHE – The children watched Kester’s first video in ‘Designed for a Purpose’ (module 1 unit 1) exploring themes of positive and negative choices. 

TRIP on Friday

Please make sure the children come to school with a packed lunch and a small snack such as a piece of fruit as we will be stopping for a mid morning break around 11am at St Paul’s. The weather has been unpredictable this week so bring a coat with a hood and since we are going to do a lot of walking, trainers are allowed. 

Look forward to Friday!

Y4 Team