Year 4 Weekly Update

Happy New Year and welcome back Year 4,

Spellings 1

  • expression
  • discussion
  • confession
  • permission
  • admission
  • transmission
  • possession
  • profession
  • depression
  • impression

Spellings 2 Split Digraph u_e

  • huge
  • flute
  • mute
  • cube
  • rude
  • volume
  • include

Times tables 1 – 6’s and 9’s

Times tables 2 – Multiplying by 10 (up to 20)

Literacy Over the next week, we will be writing historical narratives retelling the arrival of the Anglo Saxons to Britain.  The children will recap skills using time adverbials to create links between ideas in and across sentences.

Maths This term we will be focusing on multiplication and Times Tables specifically.  This week we have looked at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. Going forward, our focus will be on multiplication and division facts for the 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.

RE In this half term, the children will explore how Jesus taught and continues to teach us and his disciples.  The children will write a profile of Jesus as a teacher, leader, coach and servant this week.

History Our learning develops the historical enquiry skill of comparing and examining a range of different sources.  Looking at the different between primary, secondary sources and archaeological artefacts and seeing how they can confirm or corroborate each other…or not.

Geography Linked with our history, we have been creating sketch maps of Northern Europe and the British Isles so that we can show the migration of Germanic tribes in the 5th Century.

DT We are going to be making junk model Anglo Saxon sailing boats.

Request:  If you have any packaging you have yet to recycle e.g. cardboard boxes, from your Christmas break, please bring them in on Friday for our boat modelling.  Masking tape would also be helpful. 

Y4 Team