Year 5 Weekly Update

We have had a very musical week this week, in preparation for our concert at St Gregory’s on Wednesday evening. The songs are sounding lovely, but the children need extra practise on the songs that are for our year only. These are the ones called ‘Child in Manger Born’ and ‘Unto us a child is born’. Please support your child in learning all  the songs over the weekend, but especially the verses of the year 5 ones and verses 2 and 3 of Silent Night. The lyrics were sent home a week ago but can also be found on the website, as well as the backing tracks.

We have also been learning all about the Peasants’ revolt which was led by Wat Tyler. Our history focus was to explore our own lines of enquiry about the Feudal System. In English, we are in the process of writing our own persuasive speeches in the role of Wat Tyler, attempting to persuade the peasants to leave their fields and march to London to protest! The children have started to write some very impassioned arguments already!

In maths, we have finished our unit on area and perimeter and have been enjoying solving some investigations.

We finished our work on printing blocks in DT, and created repeated patterns using paint. These are now proudly on display outside the year 5 rooms!

In RE, we have been reflecting on the ten commandments and the prophets.

In spellings, we have been learning when to add s, es or ies when making words plural (and some irregulars). These are the words to learn at home this week. We noticed that many children had found it difficult to learn the words from the statutory spellling list last week, so over Christmas please revisit those words with the children.

  • categories
  • communities
  • multiplies
  • activities
  • churches
  • clutches
  • cities
  • hisses
  • sheep
  • friends

Last week’s statutory spellings to revisit over the Christmas break:

  • competition
  • conscience
  • conscious
  • controversy
  • convenience
  • correspond
  • critic
  • criticise
  • curiosity
  • definite

Please also read with your child for 15 minutes daily. Another way that you can support your children with reading is to discuss the genre of the text with them (e.g. historical fiction).

We hope you all enjoy your weekends and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening.

The year 5 team