Year 3 Weekly Update

Thank you for sending in your child’s nativity outfits so promptly. We hope you enjoyed the performances! In literacy this week the children are learning about how to write a formal letter. They will also be researching about life in the Bronze Age. In Maths the children have started to learn how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1 digit number eg 26 X 3. In Science they have been learning about the life cycle of an apple tree. In R.E they have been learning about the nativity story and in particular the role of the shepherds. In our spelling lessons we will be learning about how the sound ‘i’ is sometimes written as a ‘y’.

For home learning this week please help your child to revise the following high frequency words: cold, coming, couldn’t, cried and different. They should also learn the following words which respond to our spelling pattern this week: Egypt, gym, myth, pyramid and mystery. Please also continue to help them to learn the 8 times table and make sure to listen to your child read.