Year 2 Weekly Update

Maths: During our lessons we have been re-visiting subtracting 2-digit numbers. The children used concrete materials but also drew images of the base 10 so that they could independently solve subtraction problems. Building on from this step, the children used their knowledge that one ten is the same as ten ones to exchange when crossing a ten in subtraction. E.g. 51 – 12 (Can you subtract the ones first and then the tens? Can you partition the ones to count back to the next ten and then subtract the tens?)


RE: This week we celebrated the season of Advent. During our Advent Liturgy we reflected on the importance of the preparations we make leading up to Christmas, and demonstrated this by lighting the first candle on the advent wreath. We then listened to the Gospel, Matthew 3:1-3 and joined in with responding to the bidding prayers. Children from Year 1 & 2 brought up the bible, a cross and a selection of Advent prayers during the offertory.

During our lessons, we were learning that Advent is the time leading up to Christmas. We showed our learning by: using religious words to describe some of the signs and the symbols of Advent. ​