Year 5 Weekly Update

It has been another very busy week of learning in year 5 this week!

In Maths, we have been exploring area and perimeter. We have been working out areas and perimeters of compound shapes, even when not all the measurements are given.

In English, we have been reading about and learning about knights, and over the upcoming week we will be writing amusing information texts about knights. We have continued to learn how to use parenthesis to drop extra information into sentences as our grammar focus.

In our reading lessons, we looked at the description of the knight in Chaucer’s prologue to the Canterbury tales. The children worked hard to try and decipher the meaning of the middle English words.

In RE, we wrote letters in the role of Moses and have created some advent prayers.

Next week, in DT, we will be learning about print making. In order to do this, children will need some polystyrene sheets. If you find yourself tucking into a pizza that came with a polystyrene base over the weekend, please clean it and send it into school! (Normally we advocate healthy eating, but for the sake of our DT lessons, give yourselves a night off!!)

Please remember that on Monday 2nd December, we will be celebrating reading with a ‘Book in a Box’. We’re asking children to place 4 or 5 items into a box that help to represent the story, or create a scene from the story inside a box. This needn’t be a strenuous homework, and there is no pressure for parents to create something grand! (Obviously if you and your child enjoy getting creative then feel free to go all out!!) e.g. for the book ‘The Christmasaurus’ I could put a toy dinosaur, some fake snow and a picture of the main character.

Our spelling words to learn all have apostrophes for contraction. They are:

  • should have – should’ve
  • will not – won’t
  • would not- wouldn’t
  • you are- you’re
  • he would- he’d
  • they had – they’d
  • could not – couldn’t
  • you will- you’ll
  • they are – they’re
  • she has – she’s

Read every day with your child too – aim for a minimum of 15 minutes daily, and the same amount of time on times tables.

Enjoy your weekends and the start of advent.

From the Year 5 team