Nursery Weekly Update

This week in phonics we have been learning about the initial sounds in words. We played ‘I spy’ and had to spy people using the first sound in their names. We have also been sorting lots of different objects by their initial sounds, and the children are becoming more and more confident to say what the first sound in a word is.

In maths we found out lots more about the number five. We gave each other high fives, we counted five jumps, five hops and five claps. We also recapped our number recognition of 1-4. We also retold the story of the three little pigs using the Numberblocks one, two and three and number four was the big bad wolf!

We celebrated St Catherine’s day and St Andrews day this week! We discussed that saints are good people who follow God. For St Catherine’s day we enjoyed sharing our St Catherine’s cake and looking at paintings of St Catherine. For St Andrews day we looked at the cross on the saltire flag, and had our own Scottish ceilidh.

We started a new story this week called Blue Penguin, by Petr Horacek. We have been enjoying playing with our arctic small world and fact finding about lots of different arctic animals, like penguins, polar bears, arctic foxes and narwhals. We have also been writing our own Blue Penguin stories and acting out the story. ​