Year 5 Weekly Update

We have had a wonderful week for literacy in year 5. The children have been exploring figurative language, both in their reading lessons and in their writing lessons. The result is that all children have now written some excellent descriptive poems, in which they have created an extended metaphor to describe the black death as a monster or beast. I’m sure you will be proud when you look in your child’s book next week at parent’s evening!

In maths, we have been learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers. If you get a chance over the weekend, please go over these terms with your child and practise finding examples of all of these.

In RE we re-visited the story of Noah and the ark, and learnt about God’s covenant with Noah.

Next week:

In writing lessons, we will be writing diary entries. Our grammar/punctuation focus is using parenthesis.

In maths, we continue to exlore multiplication and division.

In RE, we will be learning how God guides and challenges his people, through the Exodus.

In spelling, this week we have been learning some of the ‘a’ words from the year 5/6 statutory spelling list.

These words are:

  • accommodate
  • accompany
  • according
  • achieve
  • aggressive
  • amateur
  • ancient
  • apparent
  • appreciate
  • attached

Our spelling test for these words will be next Friday.

Please remember that on Tuesday it is ‘odd sock day’ and that next week is anti-bullying week.

We are aiming for all of the children to finish the 30 book challenge by the end of June. We feel that this is an achievable target for all children. Please encourage your child to read as often as possible!

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend, with plenty of reading!

Miss Coy, Mrs McDonagh and Mrs Carruthers