Year 3 Weekly Update

This week in year 3 we will be beginning our new topic of the stone age by looking at the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ and discussing the text. The children will also be learning about how to use reported speech. In Maths we will be continuing our topic of addition and subtraction by learning to add and subtract a 3 digit number to/from a 3 digit number and by learning to estimate and check our answers. In science we will be looking at the parts of different skeletons and the functions of the skeleton. In Art we will be looking at and creating some stone age art. In spellings we will be looking at different ways of making the ‘ai’ sound.

For home learning please help your child to learn the spellings attached. Please also continue to revise the 10,5,2 and 3 times tables and please don’t forget to listen to your child read and sign their reading record.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Whyatt and Miss Taylor​

Week 5 Rarer gpc sounds ei, eigh, aigh, ai, ay, ey