Year 2 Weekly Update


Our new topic this term is ‘Mysteries’. During our lessons, we were learning to say what we wonder about.

In class, we spent time reading a poem about heaven and what it makes us wonder about. Heaven seems like a mystery as we cannot really answer all these questions, but we still think about and wonder. Just as there are many things about God that we are just not able to understand. These are called mysteries. There are many mysteries that God wants us to think about, even though we cannot fully understand all of them. We used this time to ask wondering questions and were able to recognize that some questions are difficult to answer.


Building on from our previous learning from last week, the children made use of place value to add and subtract 10s from a given number within 100. The key teaching point again was the importance of the tens digit within the given numbers and the children were encouraged to see the relationship. For example 64 + 20 =84. We then moved onto adding 2-digit and 1-digit numbers together. Before crossing the 10 with addition, it was important that children had a strong understanding of place value. The idea that ten ones are the same as one ten was essential here. The children were able to partition 2 digit numbers in order to add them. We spent time looking at the difference between one digit and two digit numbers and lined them up in columns. ​

Design and Technology 

This week the children have begun their D&T project, the children have been learning how to design and make a building using a variety of materials. The building has to be something that you would see on your local high street. Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed getting creative in teams and are looking forward to completed their projects over the next few weeks.


Year 2 have been learning about adjectives and how to use them correctly in their writing to describe a variety of shops on our high street.