Year 5 Weekly Update

We have had a great week in year 5 this week! Both classes enjoyed their trips to the National Portrait Gallery, where they explored some of the most famous Tudor artwork. We were bowled over by how much learning the children were able to share with the teachers who were running the workshop in the gallery.

In RE, we have started our new topic on Covenants with God. The children also learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Next week, we will be learning in depth the stories of Moses and Abraham, and the covenants that God made with them.

In maths, children have finished their topic on data, by looking at two-way tables and timetables. Timetables is always a tricky topic in maths, so if you get the chance over the weekend to explore bus or train timetables, please do take the opportunity. Questions such as ‘How long will it take to get from A to B’ or ‘Which train should I take to arrive in X by X o’clock’ will help your child to be able to interpret the timetable.

This afternoon we will be starting our new topic on Pestilence, Princes and Plague so our writing next week will be linked to this. We will be exploring extended metaphors in poetry in both our writing and our reading sessions.

On Tuesday/Wednesday, we will be creating medieval books/journals by covering cardboard with fabric and then decorating with foil and jewels. Please remember to send in a cardboard box and a piece of fabric to cover the cardboard. If you have any wide ribbon that your child would like to use to cover the binding then please send those in. If you do have spare cardboard, please send it in too!

The spellings words for the week are all plurals. We have been learning about when to add -s, -es or -ies on to the end of words when pluralising them. (cups, buses, or stories etc) The words are:











Remember to keep up the rigour with reading. We are delighted that so many children have ahcieved so many stars/stickers for the 30 book challenge!

Enjoy your weekends,

Miss Coy, Mrs McDonagh and Mrs Carruthers