Year 2 Weekly Update

Maths: This week, we begun by focusing on multiples of 10 up to and within 100. Links were made again between single digit bonds and tens bonds using 10 frames to represent 100. We then moved onto adding and subtracting 1 and the children started to see the pattern with what happens each time. Towards the end of the week, the focus was on the importance the tens digit. Using a 100 square, the children explored what happened to the numbers in the columns. The children were able to identify that the tens digit changes while the ones digit remains the same. It was important for the children to see how the number changes with concrete materials before moving onto more abstract ideas.​

Literacy: Year 2 have begun their new topic ‘Street Detectives’. The children have enjoyed building a town out of Lego and using imperative verbs to direct one another through the town. Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning and writing about Barnet high street this and are excited progress further with this topic.