Year 5 Weekly Update

In year 5 this week, the children have finished writing newspaper reports about the trial and beheading of Anne Boleyn. They learnt how to use relative embedded clauses, using the relative pronouns such as ‘who’ and ‘which’. They also learnt how to use direct and reported speech.

In Maths, the children continued looking at line graphs and drawing one of their own. They also started to look at timetables.

In spelling, we practised some words with plural endings – s, es and ies. We won’t be sending homework this week, as it is half term.

On Monday 28th October, the school is closed for INSET training.

On Tuesday 29th, it will be 5C’s trip to the National Portrait Gallery and Thursday 31st it will be 5CM’s. Please ensure children wear school uniform with waterproof shoes and coat and have a packed lunch in a bag.

Please do read with your child every day over the half term holidays. Even the most fluent readers benefit from reading with their parents and responding to questions about the text. We have loved being able to give out so many stickers to the children for their 30 book challenge so far – keep up the great work!

Wishing you all a fantastic half term, and wishing the children a well-deserved rest!