Year 4 Weekly Update

With half term nearly upon us we are enjoying a fun final week of learning. Over half term, please take the opportunity to revise and consolidate the spellings and times tables we have already covered.

Literacy/History: As it is black history month this October we have chosen to study the British African Abolitionist Olaudah Equiano. In a wide ranging discussion, the children have explored and compared how slavery in the British Empire (the transatlantic slave trade) and Ancient Rome were different. This will culminate in a persuasive piece of writing which argues which historical freedom fighter is better for us to learn from – Equiano’s Abolition Campaign or Spartacus Slave Revolt. Given the complex consequences of the history of slavery and racism, it would be a useful point for you to have further discussion with your children. In class, we have dealt honestly and openly about the facts of this history.

Maths: We been looking at finding 1000 more or less from a given number to 10,000 which will conclude our unit of place value.

Science: This week the children will have several lessons unpacking and investigating sound. This includes how sound is produced, how it travels through air, how pitch can be altered and changed and how volume can be changed. The children will be conducting experiments using musical instruments and bottle flutes.

RE: We will be concluding our unit of learning on Biblical figures by writing an explanation of God’s message to us through the story of David.

Please have a restful and enjoyable half term.

Y4 Team