Year 2 Weekly Update

RE: During our RE lessons, we have been reading the bible story of Daniel (Daniel 6:17-27). We discussed how Daniel would have felt at different times in the story and the children spent time reflecting on the reasons Daniel had to be brave and have faith because he was chosen by God. The children were encouraged to ask wondering questions during a ‘hot seating’ activity.

Maths: This week, the children should were encouraged to examine number sentences to find missing values by using structure rather than calculation. The focus of this small step was using numbers within 20 to explore mathematical relationships within the context of familiar numbers. The children compared similar calculations using greater than, less than and equals signs.

We then moved onto calculations with similar digits .For example, 2+5=7 so 20+50=70.This involved both addition and subtraction. We used our understanding of mathematical vocabulary to aid understanding e.g. what is the same and what is different between numbers and calculations using ‘tens’ and ‘ones’.