Reception Weekly Update

Reception class have been busy this week. Part of the roleplay area has been turned into a Doctor’s surgery. The children have roleplayed being the patients, Doctors and Nurses. They have dressed up and used a range of accessories to support their play. It has provided a great opportunity for the children to use their imaginations, extend their vocabulary, learn about different occupations and develop early literacy skills.

There has also been a lot of interest in construction using the junk modelling. For some children this has been on a large scale. Rockets, armour and watches are now on display in the Reception Art Gallery.

We have been learning some new songs and games such as ‘Doggie, doggie where’s your bone?’ and have started to learn ‘The Macarena ‘dance routine.

As part of ‘World Mental Health day’, we   read the book ‘Have you filled your bucket today?’ The story tells us the importance of being kind to everyone with our words and actions, it makes other people feel good and actually makes us feel good too.

Reception class have completed their first school display. The theme is ‘Us and our families’. The display board in the corridor opposite Miss Kelly’s office.